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′Loknete Dattaji Patil Co-operative Bank Ltd., Lasalgaon′ is originally the ′Janta Co-operative Bank Ltd.,Lasalgaon′ established in 1972. This is a bank of the comman people having been reputed as ′Our Janata Co-operative Bank Ltd., Lasalgaon' run as a bank of the people,by the people and for the People.′

Our Aim:
Our aim is to establish ourselves as a bank technichally advanced,economically sound and ballanced,socially honoured and able to provide all the necessary facilities to all its members.

Our Objectives :
1) To provide I-T services and to strengthen fun damental facilities to enhance customer satisfaction and their faith in us.
2) To optimise bank operation process to excel the efficiency of the bank and consequently the profit.
To provid the time-saving 24 * 7 ATM(Automatic Tailoring Machine) and CDM(Cash Deposit Machine) etc. facilities to the customers to save time and to reduse the time-bound operations.

In the decade 1960-70 ′Lasalgaon Agriculture Producer Committee′ was the largest market in Asia continent. Hence,the facility for all the three elements- the farmers, traders and workers- to get employment was available here. In those days Merchant Bank were being established to economically support the merchants and the merchants used to get echonomically help through it. But a class of economically weaker farmers and workers was unable to get any economical assistance. Consiquently, there economical condition and social standard of living used to be bad to worse. During the period 1962-1972, Loknete Dattaji Patil was the MLA from the Niphad Taluka constituency. He was better known as the ′Leader of the comman man and friend of the workers′. Hence, taking into consideration the ′welfare of the comman man′, Loknete Dattaji Patil took initiative and established the ″Janta Co-Operative Bank Ltd.,Lasalgaon′. Thus, registering the very ′comman men′ and ′workers′ as the members of this bank, he open a gateway of economical support for them. As a result of his notesworthy social work, after his name, on 07/01/1999 this bank was named as ′Loknete Dattaji Patil Co-Operative Bank Ltd., Lasalgaon′.

Initially being established for the social improvement, Our bank is socially aware and sencitive and it is always active for it from the very beginning.

  • After the Latur earthquake, our bank donated a notesworthy help in the Chief Minister Relief Fund for the earthquake affected people.
  • Being aware of the fact that blood donation is the best and the most valuable donation,our bank holds a blood donation camp every year.
  • For public awareness and social enlightenment, our bank sponsors various events and programmes in memory of Loknete Dattaji Patil during the period 26Th Jan. to 31StJan. every year. Since 1997 Citizens from the surrounding villages and from the district are giving spontaneous response to these programmes.
  • In addition to this, our bank always takes initiative in any social activities.

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